How you easily switch to the new app

Switching to the SmartHome app is worthwhile as it offers you much-improved functions and a new intuitive design that enables convenient control via smartphone, tablet or PC..

With the new app, you control:

  • Your existing and all newly developed devices, e.g. the SmartHome radiator thermostat (2nd generation) or the AL-KO robotic lawn mower,

  • Innovative external devices like the Amazon Alexa voice control system,

  • Convenient new services e.g. geofencing.

 Please note: All users who operate their innogy SmartHome system via the 1.7 user interface will be automatically transferred to the new innogy SmartHome app as of April 2, 2018. The reason: Since the company Microsoft does not offer the support of Silverlight in the future, the innogy SmartHome app was developed on the basis of a new technology. As a result, the 1.7 version of innogy SmartHome is no longer technically supported.


Follow these steps when switching:

  1. Open your (now old) SmartHome user software.

    It will show you the notification window to start the new app. Download the app appropriate to your end device’s operating system (iOS in the app store or Android in Google Play Store)..

    Alternatively, call up the .

  2. Log in using your usual login details. SmartHome automatically recognizes your user account and give you the option to update the central unit.

Once you have activated the button, your central unit will receive the current software version.


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