Virtual Resident

This scenario is recommended if you are not at home and want to prevent break-ins.

You will find the “Virtual Resident” scenario under Add scenarios in the Security category. Keep swiping the screen to the right until the scenario appears and tap on the screen to start creating the scenario.

Specify period

First select the period during which the virtual resident should be active and the lighting in your SmartHome should switch on and off automatically. Do this using the sliding controller. There are two sliding controllers with which you can specify two periods. Activate and deactivate the periods using the green switches.

Selecting lights

Tap on >>Select light(s)<< to select one or more lights. To do this, tap on the selection field next to the desired device. When a device is selected, a white tick will appear in the green field. If you want to select all available devices, check the box next to “Select devices”. This will automatically put a tick next to all devices.
Confirm your selection by pressing CONTINUE.

Dim lights

If you have dimmable lights, you can tap on >>Select light(s)<< to select lights to which you wish to assign a level of dimming upon being switched on.
Confirm your selection by pressing CONTINUE.

On the next page, you can use the sliding controller to set the dimming level as a percentage for each selected light and you can also define the lighting-up duration under ADDITIONAL SETTINGS. To do this, use the round sliding controller from 0% to 100%.
Confirm your settings by pressing CONTINUE.

Specify activities

Now specify how you want your Virtual Resident to behave. Tap on the corresponding field to decide how often the lights should be switched on. Use the sliding controller to determine how long your lights should remain switched on. Confirm by pressing CONTINUE.

On the next page you will see an overview of your settings.

Name scenario

After tapping on CONTINUE, give the scenario a name and a brief description. Now that your scenario is finished, tap on SAVE.
Do you want this scenario to be displayed on the homescreen of your SmartHome app? Then tap on YES, DISPLAY.