Changing a scenario

Start with a pre-defined scenario and add extra triggers, conditions and rules later.

Find out how it works using the following example:

I'm using the 'Smoke warning' scenario and would like to receive the push notification only when I'm not at home.

1. Selecting a scenario

To do this, tap SCENARIOS on the menu. Then, select the scenario that you wish to convert.

Can't I change the pre-defined scenario into a customised scenario directly?

 No, unfortunately not. You need to create the recommended smoke Alarm Scenario first.

2. Opening a scenario for editing

Tap the pencil icon. Everything that now appears in green lettering can be re-configured. Swipe to the end of the page.

3. Changing a scenario

Tap ADD TO OWN SCENARIOS. Then, confirm the action by tapping CHANGE SCENARIO.

4. Adding a

Tap the pencil icon. On the next screen, select + Add condition or Trigger.

5. Selecting a condition

Select Status from the list and, on the next screen, tick the box next to Holiday.

6. Configuring a condition

Tap Set to YES to finish configuring the condition. The scenario will be shown again; tap CONTINUE.

7. Naming and saving

If you like, you can give the scenario a new name. Finally, save the Scenario.