Save energy when no one is at home

This scenario is recommended when you are away from home. You can cut energy costs by simply reducing the room temperature and switching off the lights at the press of a button.
You will find the “Save energy when no one is at home” scenario under Add scenarios in the Energy category. Keep swiping the screen to the right until the scenario appears and tap on the screen to start creating the scenario.

Configure button

You can trigger this scenario by pressing a switch that you have to select. To do this, tap on the text >>Choose a switch<< and select one of your integrated devices. You can then go on to determine which button on your switch should have this function. Confirm your selection each time by pressing CONTINUE

Set up locations and devices

You can then select the room climate for various locations. First select the locations in which you would like to save energy by reducing the temperature to 16°C. To do this, tap on >>These devices<< (the number of devices may vary). Your various room climates will be displayed here. Check the box on the right-hand side where required and confirm your selection by pressing CONTINUE.

Set up lights

Now select which lights you want to turn off. To do this, check the box on the right-hand side. If you have dimmable lights, select this option accordingly. In this case, all lights and devices will already be preselected.

Name scenario

After tapping on CONTINUE, give the scenario a name and a brief description. Now that your scenario is finished, tap on SAVE.
Do you want this scenario to be displayed on the homescreen of your SmartHome app? Then tap on YES, DISPLAY.