Mould protection

This scenario is an abstract scenario.

This scenario is recommended if you want to respond immediately to a risk of mould in your SmartHome.

You will find the scenario “Mould protection” under Add scenarios in the Climate category. Keep swiping the screen to the right until the scenario appears and tap on the screen to start creating the scenario.

Specify fan

Select a fan from the list on the first screen. This reduces the risk of mould by creating air swirl. Confirm the selection by pressing CONTINUE. If you do not have a fan, click >>No fan in the room<<.

Specify device and location (indoor)

To specify the location for which the scenario should apply, tap on the desired room climate. Please note that the device must be located in the same room as the fan. Confirm your selection by pressing CONTINUE.

Specify device (outdoor)

Now tap on the device that should measure the outdoor temperature and humidity. Confirm the selection by pressing CONTINUE.

Specify notification method

In the next step, you specify the notification that you receive if there is a risk of mould in your SmartHome. 

Name scenario

After tapping on CONTINUE, give the scenario a name and a brief description. Now that your scenario is finished, tap on SAVE. 

Do you want this scenario to be displayed on the homescreen of your SmartHome app? Then tap on YES, DISPLAY.