Room temperature using time control

This scenario is recommended if you want to conveniently control your room temperature using the heating programme.

You will find the “Room temperature using time control” scenario under Add scenarios in the Climate category. Keep swiping the screen to the right until the scenario appears and tap on the screen to start creating the scenario.

Specify device and location

To specify the location for which the scenario should apply, tap on the desired room climate and confirm by pressing CONTINUE.

Specify time control

Select one of three different options for controlling your heating. The options differ only in terms of the days for which the heating programmes apply. With “Simple”, you create one (Mon–Sun), with “Advanced” two (Mon–Fri and Sat–Sun) and with “Expert” seven (one per weekday). To make your selection, tap on the desired option.

Create heating programme

For each heating programme, specify any number of time periods in which a certain temperature should be maintained. Two time periods are predefined for each heating programme. You can add further time periods under ADD PERIOD. Use the first sliding controller to specify the time period and the second to specify the temperature that should be maintained in this time period. Follow the same procedure for each time period. Your selection is pictured in the graphic above. Use the bottom sliding controller to specify the base temperature. This temperature is then maintained at all times unless a different temperature is set by means of the time periods you created. Confirm your selection by pressing CONTINUE.

Name scenario

After tapping on CONTINUE, give the scenario a name and a brief description. Now that your scenario is finished, tap on SAVE. 

Do you want this scenario to be displayed on the homescreen of your SmartHome app? Then tap on YES, DISPLAY.