CO2 warning

This scenario is recommended if you would like to be notified straight away when the CO2 content becomes too high in your SmartHome.

You will find the “CO2 warning” scenario under Add scenarios in the Climate category. Keep swiping the screen to the right until the scenario appears and tap on the screen to start creating the scenario.

Specify device(s)

The scenario is triggered as soon as the CO2 content at a selected measuring station exceeds 1000 ppm. Select this measuring station by tapping on >>Select device<< and checking the box next to the desired device.

Specify light(s)

Now select the lights that are to be switched on and lit up red as soon as your scenario is triggered. Tap on >>Select light(s)<< and check the box on the right-hand side. You can then make additional settings according to the light type.

Name scenario

After tapping on CONTINUE, give the scenario a name and a brief description. Now that your scenario is finished, tap on SAVE. 

Do you want this scenario to be displayed on the homescreen of your SmartHome app? Then tap on YES, DISPLAY.