Turn the lights on when it gets dark

Use this scenario for efficient evening lighting.

Here's how:


1. Configuring a switch-on time

Tap +30 to configure the switch-on time. If required, tap 'Sun' to install the necessary service free of Charge.

2. Selecting lights

Tap Select light(s) and tick the box next to the lights you want to select. Repeat the step for dimmable lights.

3. Configuring dimmers

Tap 100% to configure the dimmers. You can use this feature to…

…set a lower brightness level by sliding the controller to the left.

…choose a brightening or dimming duration if you would like gentle changes in lighting.

4. Specifying switch-off time

Tap 23:00 to change the switch-off time. Re-select the days on which the scenario is deactivated. Confirm by tapping CONTINUE.

5.Naming and saving scenarios

Give the scenario a name and a brief description. Finally, save the scenario. To show the scenario on the homepage, tap YES, DISPLAY.


How can I make sure that the scenario is shown on the homepage as well later?