Light on when motion is detected

If motion is detected, the lighting turns on for three minutes.

Here's how to create the Scenario:


1. Selecting a motion detector

Tap Select devices. Then, tick the box next to the motion detector used in the scenario. Confirm your selection by tapping CONTINUE.

2. Selecting a brightness threshold

Specify the level of daylight at which the motion detector should respond. To do this, tap 50% and then adjust the sliding controller as desired. Confirm by tapping CONTINUE.

3. Selecting lights

Tap Select light(s). Then, tick the boxes next to the desired lights. Repeat the step for dimmable lights.

4. Other settings

Delayed switch off: specify when you want the light to switch off again.

Dimming level: specify the required brightness of the lights.

5. Naming and saving scenarios

If you like, you can then give the scenario a name and a brief description. Finally, save the scenario. If you want the scenario to be shown on the homepage, tap YES, DISPLAY.


How can I make sure that the scenario is shown on the homepage as well later?