Own scenario

Create scenarios to suit your needs. Find out how to set up your own scenarios using the following example. Refer to the 'Smoke warning' scenario below as a template for comparison.

'If the smoke alarm is triggered when I'm not at home, I would like to receive a push notification.'

1. Selecting a condition

Tap SELECT CONDITION. Then, select Smoke detection from the list.

2. Selecting devices

Tick the boxes next to the devices used in this scenario. Confirm your selection by tapping CONTINUE.

3. Specifying triggers

Tap Smoke detected. Another limiting condition will now be required. After all, this scenario is for a situation in which the smoke alarm is triggered AND you are not at home.

4. Adding further conditions

Tap + Add condition or trigger. Then, select Status from the list.

5. Configuring a condition

Select the Holiday status and confirm by tapping CONTINUE. In the next step, tap Set to YES under Conditions. The conditions for triggering the scenario are now set.

6. Selecting an action

Tap the SELECT ACTION button. Then, select Push notification from the list.

7. Configuration a push notification

Set the text for the notification and tap CONTINUE. The scenario will be shown again; tap CONTINUE.

8. Assigning to a category

Choose the category to which you wish to assign the scenario. Then, tap SAVE.

If you want the scenario to be shown on the homepage, tap YES, DISPLAY.


How can I make sure that the scenario is shown on the homepage as well later?