Premium evaluations

Use the premium evaluations to expand the functions of your SmartHome basic evaluations. In addition to the basic functions, the premium version has extra functions, such as retrieval of your consumption figures expressed in euros if you log your tariff details. You can also choose between daily, monthly or annual figures. All consumption data can be expressed diagrammatically with comparison of different consumption periods.


To use SmartHome premium evaluations, you will need an electro-mechanical household meter, in accordance with the compatibility list, the SmartHome central unit, the SmartHome Energy Control or SmartHome Power Control reading unit and Energy Control or Power Control receiving unit.

  • Encrypted storage of consumption data in the SmartHome data centre
  • Illustration of consumption data
  • Switching scenarios based on consumption data
Supported devices
  • Energy Control
  • Power Control
  • Control solar
  • Storage flex


Data protection information

For data protection reasons, you may only attach the reading unit to the electric domestic supply meter that measures energy consumption of the household in which you live. The people dwelling in the household must be briefed on the functions of the installed reading unit. Legal action may be taken against misuse. By uninstalling the premium function, you can delete all the stored meter data at any time.