Text message package


With the text message function, you always know in real time what is happening in the intelligent home.

  • 100 text messages included
  • Registration of different telephone numbers to receive texts
  • New or changed mobile phone numbers must be confirmed by the user
  • Text message transmission via a third-party supplier with transmission confirmation 
  • A text message notification function can be integrated freely into scenarios 
  • The number of text messages to be transmitted can be limited per scenario (based on a time period, e.g. no more than 10 texts per day/week/month)


Additional communication costs may arise depending on the provider and choice of tariff. Such costs depend on the mobile communications and Internet provider of the customer. Customers subscribe personally to premium services, which are linked to the SmartHome user account of each customer. This is contingent on prior registration with the SmartHome back-end facility. If back-end access is terminated, existing text message allowances will no longer apply.