Instructions on how to update the central unit

To use the latest functions of and improvements to your SmartHome, you can update your central unit’s software at any time.

To do so, select one of these two methods:


Updating the central unit via the app

  1. Open the SmartHome app.

  2. Go to the menu and press settings.

  3. Select software informationAs soon as a new software status is available for download, a green button with UPDATE appears.

  4. Press this button. Wait until the update is completely finished.

  5. To use the new functions, log off the app once and then log back in again.


Updating the central unit via the mains plug

  1. Unplug the mains plug from the central unit. You do not have to unplug the LAN cable.

  2. Wait a moment and then plug the mains plug back in again.


 The central unit performs a self-test and then looks for the latest software status in the data centre to download it.

 This process can take a few minutes. As soon as the time and date are shown again in alternation in the display, you can use your SmartHome App again.