Questions and answers about Livisi

What is Livisi?

Livisi GmbH (“Livisi”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of innogy SE and operates the SmartHome platform.

What does Livisi do?

We operate the SmartHome platform, which was previously operated by innogy SE. Our goal is to gain more partners for the platform in order to make the product range (i.e. devices, functions and services) even more attractive and secure for end customers in the future.

What does the word Livisi mean?

Livisi is a neologism derived from the English “live easy”. It represents the core of our ideology: we make the lives of our customers easier, more networked and bring smart technology and services into everyday life.

How long has Livisi been around for?

Livisi GmbH has existed since 1 January 2019. Many members of our team have for years been among the pioneers of the smart home concept and possess extensive experience. At Livisi, we have bundled this expertise with the ideas of young creative people and networked it with the smart home professionals of our partners.

Why is the transfer of innogy customers to Livisi planned?

Now that Livisi operates the SmartHome central unit, the app and the backend for innogy SmartHome, customers must consent to the transfer of their customer account so that they can continue using the services.

What will change for me as an innogy customer?

For innogy customers, nothing will change in the existing product and service range. There are also no additional costs. In the future, however, we plan to make the product range even more attractive – so more devices, more functions and more services!

I have already participated in the change from RWE to innogy – how sustainable is the new system?

With the foundation of Livisi, innogy is taking the next step to make the SmartHome system even more sustainable and attractive for its customers.

Does the founding of Livisi have anything to do with the possible takeover of innogy by E-on?

No, the foundation of Livisi is in no way connected with the possible takeover. We’re the reliable partner by your side as you move towards a smart and connected home.

Have the terms of use of the SmartHome backend fundamentally changed?

The terms of use remain essentially the same; only the new company has been introduced.

What happens if I do not consent to the new terms of use for the SmartHome backend and, in turn, the transfer of my contract from innogy SE to Livisi GmbH?

To use the SmartHome backend, you must agree to the Livisi terms of use. Your consent is required so that you can continue to fully use your product in the future and benefit from the further development of the system. If you do not give your consent, your product will no longer be supported within a few weeks.

I received a cancellation from innogy as a SmartHome customer, what can I do now?

As soon as you have agreed to Livisi’s current terms of use, you can use your innogy SmartHome system as usual again. If you do not give your consent, your product will no longer be supported.

Will Livisi still be compatible with innogy SmartHome?

Of course, innogy SmartHome is based on the Livisi’s technology / Livisi will operate the SmartHome system for innogy in the future.

Will the costs for use increase?

No, the switch to Livisi does not involve any additional costs. The use of the innogy SmartHome system from home will continue to remain free of charge. The costs for existing additional services will remain unchanged.

What will happen to my data in the future when Livisi processes it?

The security of your data is a top priority for us at both innogy and Livisi, and your data will of course continue to be treated with the utmost care in the future.

We want to make the use of data as transparent as possible and to enable you to control your data. You can find further information in our Privacy Policy.

Will my data stay in Germany?

Yes, your personal data will stay in Germany.

I would like to have access to my data held by Livisi. Who can I contact?

Please contact the service hotline on 0800 1234 060 or send an e-mail to They will be able to inform you about all issues concerning your data.

What advantages does Livisi offer me?

Together with Livisi, innogy would like to acquire even more partners for the SmartHome platform in order to make the product range (more devices, more functions, more services) even more attractive and secure for you in the future.

For which questions and problems can I contact Livisi in the future, and when is it better to contact innogy?

As always, if you have any questions about innogy SmartHome, you can contact the service hotline on 0800 1234 060 or by e-mail at They will be able to help you with all questions about your innogy SmartHome system.

My SmartHome device is broken – who should I contact about the warranty?

In such cases, please contact the seller of the defective device.

Why do I have to tick to confirm five different things?

In addition to agreeing to the terms of use, Livisi and innogy would like to inform you regularly about other individual offers. For this we need your one-off consent. This way, we can guarantee that you will always be informed and will not miss any technical developments in the future.

I have further questions about Livisi, how can I contact you?

Please contact the seller of the device in case of technical warranty claims. If you have any questions about innogy SmartHome, you can still call the service hotline at 0800 1234 060 or send an e-mail to as before. If you have any questions about our platform or the Livisi company, please contact us at, or visit for further information.



I plan to buy the SmartHome system from innogy – what do I need to consider now?

You will still be able to purchase the innogy SmartHome system through the usual distribution channels. Find out more today at In addition to the sales contract for the SmartHome devices, you also conclude a contract of use with Livisi.

With which smartphones is Livisi or the innogy SmartHome app compatible?

The app is compatible with Apple iOS and Google Android. Compatibility with very old devices or obsolete iOS/Android operating systems cannot always be guaranteed.

Do I also need to update my innogy SmartHome central unit?

You will be informed regularly about necessary updates, which you should then do yourself. If you do not install updates, this may result in the innogy SmartHome central unit no longer being supported.

Is Livisi compatible with devices from other manufacturers besides innogy?

The Livisi platform is compatible with the same devices as innogy SmartHome. We are continuously expanding this range – this is one of Livisi’s goals.

Can I control Google, Amazon and similar products with Livisi?

Yes. You can control all decides compatible with innogy SmartHome.

Does Livisi also offer me support with installing hardware?

As always, if you have any questions about innogy SmartHome, you can contact the service hotline on 0800 1234 060 or by e-mail at They will be able to help you with all questions about your innogy SmartHome system.

Does Livisi have its own base station?

The new second generation innogy SmartHome central unit is provided by Livisi and forms the core of the innogy SmartHome system. The first-generation central unit will also still be supported.

Ich habe noch keine Livisi-App, wo kann ich sie herunterladen?

You can continue to use the innogy SmartHome app as usual. You can find it in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Do I need an Internet connection to use Livisi-based SmartHome systems?

Yes, an Internet connection is required for initial setup, remote control, software updates and configuration changes. Once set, however, the scenarios will also work offline. If you use Internet-connected devices (such as Amazon Alexa or Phillips Hue), an Internet connection is also required.



Does the switch to Livisi change the scenarios and settings in my app?

No. You can use everything as before.

Can I continue to manage all data and functions in one app or will I have to use different platforms in the future?

You can use your innogy SmartHome App as usual. As a new service for the future, we will be able to offer you additional helpful services from our partners.

How can I reset the password for the app?

If you have forgotten your password, go to the login page of your SmartHome app and click Forgotten your username or password? Then follow the instructions to reset your password. Please note that changing the password can take up to 10 minutes.

Login to the app failed. What can I do?

Please contact the service hotline on 0800 1234 060 or via e-mail at .

What are scenarios?

The scenarios are if-then rules, which you can use to program creative and useful processes yourself. In the innogy SmartHome Community you will find many interesting examples from our users.

How many devices can I manage with Livisi?

Livisi operates an “open ecosystem”, which means that device manufacturers can themselves make their devices compatible with Livisi. The following devices are already compatible with the open ecosystem (as of April 2019):

  • innogy SmartHome devices.
    For more informations, visit here
  • Medion and Lenovo devices.
    For more informations, visit here  
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Home
  • Phillips Hue
  • Wisenet Kamera (previously Samsung)
  • AL-KO lawn mower
  • Netatmo
  • Miele washing machine / dryer / dishwasher
  • Buderus heating
  • SYR leakage detection
  • SMA Solar