Version information

The release notes can be found in the following section of the LIVISI Community: PRODUCT OVERVIEW


Current Version 3.26.3

  • Scenarios​​
    • Fixed "between"-condition for gust strength ​
    • Fixed time-condition display for non-German languages​
    • Fixed dimming actions on editing​
    • Fixed list for required devices for the virtual habitant​​
  • Generic layout issues (including iOS fixes)​​
  • Wording (Novoferm & Energy devices)​​
  • New wording for error displayed when including a second Meter​ (wMBus)
  • Fixed some minor display issues for Miele devices and Samsung cameras
  • Fixed small navigation bug on Philips Hue

Version 3.19.6

  • After starting iOS, a white screen no longer appears
  • the correct devices are now specified for battery messages
  • Sunrise / sunset times are now displayed correctly after installing the driver
  • The user is now informed as soon as the add-in has been updated
  • Co-users can also switch from central unit 1.0 to central unit 2.0
  • After changing the name for the control center, the time zone and software version are displayed Text change when integrating devices
  • When integrating the SmartMeter with old tariffs, the app no ​​longer crashes.

Version 3.18.10

  • "Setup without control center" deactivated

Version 3.17.8 (IOS)

  • Activation of landscape mode
  • Optimization of the Philips HUE plugin

Version 3.17.7 (Android)

  • Optimization of the Philips HUE plugin

Version 3.16.10

  • Various optimizations

Version 3.16.9

  • Preparation for new devices
  • Optimization of the Buderus connection
  • The system time and date are now displayed correctly when the GMT time zone is selected
  • Various improvements in the graphic display

Version 3.15.7

  • Preparation for new devices
    Optimizing the system

Version 3.14.5

  • Display of the Doorbird icons on the home page
  • Buderus: Optimization of the user-defined scenarios
  • Sunrise / sunset service:
    • After pressing the "Settings" button, the time of the next sunrise or sunset is displayed
    • The service can now be used as a trigger in scenarios without an incorrect display
  • AL-KO mowers:
    • When the mower is active, the status display changes
    • After the Go-Home button has been pressed, the status display changes

Version 3.10.5

Preparation for new devices
Optimizing the system

Version 3.10.4

  • In a separate scenario with radiator thermostats, the target temperature selected in the scenario is now displayed and not the default target temperature.
  • On some Android devices there were problems with the visibility of the login button. The button is now visible again without changing the resolution of the display.
  • The scenario "window open, temperature down" can now be selected in further categories.
  • If a motion detector is used in a scenario, the selected level of brightness is now also displayed in the scenario.
  • Optimizing the app speed.
  • Various improvements in the graphic display.

Version 3.9.4

  • A diagram is now displayed in the activities protocol for the motion detector
  • A scenario is now displayed in a category even if no device is assigned to the scenario
  • Optimisation of the Wi-Fi setup of the 2nd-generation SmartHome central unit
  • Detailed optimisation measures during the integration of devices
  • Rectification of minor display problems
  • The ‘Window open, temperature down’ scenario can now be selected in the categories Climate, Doors & Windows and Energy

Version 3.7.10

  • Optimisation of the display in statistical evaluations:
    • In the case of evaluations covering multiple time spans, the legend now no longer overlaps with the graphs
      Options in scenarios with Buderus as the trigger or condition are now displayed only once
  • Netatmo:
    • The air humidity graph is now displayed
    • In the combined view, all options are now available again after one option has been selected

Version 3.6.5

  • After a roller shutter switch has been integrated via an IOS device, the button for raising and lowering the roller shutter is active again
  • The brightness can be set again in the automatically created default scenario for the inwall dimmer
  • After a Smartcam photo has been deleted, the next photo is then displayed
  • After the SmartHome central unit has been restarted, the app now no longer remains stuck in the ‘Restarting central unit’ screen and the log-off button works again
  • The ‘Virtual housemate’ scenario now also switches the HUE lamps on and of.
  • Charging the plug-ins has been revised
  • Optimisation of the switch-over from a 1st-generation central unit to a 2nd-generation central unit
  • Optimisation of initial set-up
  • Optimisation of the predefined ‘Window open, temperature down’ scenario

Version 3.5.5

  • Optimisation of SmartCam integration
  • After a user-defined scenario has been edited by entering a ‘Charging power above/below’, the entered value is now displayed correctly
  • On the homescreen in the ‘Exterior’ category, the time of the last detected movement is now displayed correctly
  • On the homescreen, you can now once again add devices, scenarios and services via ‘+’
  • The switch-over to the new central unit (second generation) has been optimised
  • You can now once again delete multiple pictures in succession
  • Various additional troubleshooting measures and improved stability

For future functions, the app requires access to the status of your Wi-Fi connection. Ensure that you allow access rights when the system requests these when you are upgrading or installing the app or whenever you are subsequently asked to do so.

Version 3.4.10

New functions:

  • HTTP access can now be selected in the user interface via new devices
  • The configuration of your 1st-generation central unit can now be transferred to the 2nd-generation central unit via the user interface


  • Optimisation of the user-defined scenarios for Energy Control and Buderus
  • The sliding controllers for the Medion weather station and Medion radiator thermostats are now visible even after their location has been changed
  • Various improvements in the graphic display
  • Netatmo scenarios created with air humidity / CO2 / noise level as a condition are displayed in the device setting
  • The ‘Flash’ function for Philips HUE is available in scenarios again
  • It is now no longer the case that multiple options for the same function are displayed in the energy device reports
  • The user interface no longer crashes when reports with an empty value are loaded in the line diagram view
  • The entry point for the AL-KO Robolinho model 500 can now be adjusted
  • The correct time is now displayed when movements are detected
  • Invited users are displayed on the user interface for the main user
  • You can now once again create the predefined ‘Window open, temperature down’ scenario
  • Optimisation of the link to the online help function in the device settings.

Version 3.2.14

  • The online shop can now once again be accessed from the application
  • The correct device name is once again displayed on the homescreen under Security

Version: 3.2.12

  • The online shop can now be accessed from the application again.
  • The correct device name is displayed on the homescreen under Security again.


Version: 3.2.12

  • Various error corrections for:
    • Log-on/first log-on
    • Opening the application from the background
    • In-wall roller shutter controller
    • AL-KO Robolinho
    • Buderus
  • Various error corrections in user-defined scenarios:
    • Philips Hue
    • Samsung camera
    • Notification for user-defined recipients
  • Various error corrections in predefined scenarios:
    • Time-controlled lights
    • Room temperature using time control
    • Turn the lights on when it gets dark
  • Corrections to various items of text.


Version: 3.0.96

  • Revision of various texts.
  • Fixed various bugs in scenarios such as :
    • After conversion into a separate scenario, all fields are editable.
    • Correction of the time display with delayed switch-off.
    • If-branch is now displayed correctly.
  • Crash when displaying the combined view under Reports has been fixed.
  • Various adjustments to the AL-KO integration such as:
    • Cutting height can now be adjusted.
    • Entry points can be set after editing the schedule.
  • Revision of the push and e-mail notification function.
  • Various other bug fixes and optimizations.

Only on iOS:

  • Disable landscape view


Version: 3.0.92

  • Corrected the integration of the SmartStore to buy digital Services.


Version: 3.0.91

  • Optimization of the scenario automatically created for the flush-mounted light switch.
  • Display of a loading screen when opening scenarios.
  • Revision of various texts.
  • Display the correct AddIn name after an update.
  • The navigation "Back" during the calibration of the shutter control has been corrected.
  • Fixed various bugs in the scenarios such as:
    • Changing the HUE color in scenario CO2 warning now possible.
    • Corrections in the sunrise / sunset function.

Only on iOS

  • Correction of the representation problem when changing from the horizontal view to the vertical view and back.
  • The overlapping of buttons and images has been fixed.


Version: 3.0.81

  • Support for the new SmartHome central unit
  • Support for new end devices for the new SmartHome central unit
  • Optimisations regarding the status of the connected devices and their measured values
  • Optimisations regarding predefined and customer-specific scenarios (particularly the alarm chain)
  • Introduction of SmartCodes for the new SmartHome central unit
  • Improvement of the login procedure
  • Errors have been fixed for the following third-party devices:
    • Philips Hue
    • AL-KO lawn mower
    • Samsung camera
    • Netatmo weather station


Version: 3.0.75

Important note: If you experience display problems on your smartphone after the update (e.g. a missing plus sign in the upper right corner), please proceed as follows:

  1. Delete the (updated) app from your smartphone
  2. Download the Livisi SmartHome App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Since your devices, scenarios and services as well as all other settings have been retained, you can use the app immediately and as usual! You benefit from the following improvements:

  • Support for the new SmartHome central unit
  • Support of new end devices for the new SmartHome central
  • Optimization of the status of the connected devices and their measured values
  • Optimizations for predefined and customer-specific scenarios, in particular for the alarm chain
  • Introduction of SmartCodes for the new SmartHome central
  • Improvement of the login errors have been fixed for the following third-party devices:
    • Philips Hue
    • AL-KO lawn mower
    • Samsung Camera
    • Netatmo Weather Station


Version: 2.1.54

  • This update contains performance and stability improvements


Version: 2.1.39

  • The roller shutters will now move correctly to the set position.
  • With the Netatmo rain sensor, less than 1 mm/h can be selected as the amount of rainfall in this scenario.
  • With the ALKO Robolinho, the next scheduled activity is displayed.


Version: 2.1.36

  • Changes in the time-controlled scenarios are displayed correctly.
  • The trigger is no longer deleted if a value is specified for the criteria.
  • The conditions no longer adjust after changes.
  • Changes to the timing control are saved and applied.
  • The scheduling scenarios save selected days of the week.
  • The function "copy for all days" works for ALKO Robolinho.


Version: 2.1.14

  • Compatibility adjustment to iOS 11.3, so that the app does not crash during prolonged inactivity.


Version: 2.1.12

  • The error in which the home screen categories were sometimes displayed incorrectly has been fixed
  • The incorrectly displayed confirmation button when editing the home screen has been optimized
  • The problem that some predefined scenarios could not be deactivated/activated has been fixed
  • Individual changes within a home screen category will now also be permanently applied after saving
  • Various minor troubleshooting


Version: 2.1.10  

  • Application’s general stability optimised
  • General improvement in system accessibility
  • The error that caused no live image to be shown on the Samsung camera in the Outdoors category has been fixed
  • AL-KO ROBOLINHO robotic lawn mower series connected
  • Various revisions and optimisations for SMA devices
  • The error that caused Netatmo devices to be shown as ‘Not available’ after an update has been fixed
  • Creating custom scenarios: when the CO2 levels are used, the ‘If exceeded’ and ‘While below’ values can now also be set as triggers or conditions
  • The error that caused a scenario with the ‘colour’ condition (Philips HUE) not to work has been fixed
  • Revised animations during commissioning of the Philips HUE Bridge to make commissioning easier

Important note for iOS users: the app update is not yet ready for use with the current iOS 11.3 beta release.



  • Troubleshooting related to the creation of own scenarios. When the “Time” condition is selected, a time period can now be added.
  • When a user selects the “Time” condition when creating their own scenarios, they can now also set time periods extending from one day to the next (e.g. 22:00–09:00). Note: When this is edited again, however, the set time period is divided into two separate time periods.
  • Troubleshooting related to the creation of own scenarios. When the “Time” condition is selected, a trigger time between 12:00 and 12:59 can now be set.
  • Improved animations during commissioning of the Philips hue Bridge to make commissioning easier.
  • The recommended scenario “Remote-controlled lighting – switch on/off one light or multiple lights simultaneously with a single button” now also supports Philips hue lights of the type “HUE Extended Color Lights” (e.g. HUE bulb A19).
  • Troubleshooting related to the changing of the NETATMO password, which could not be edited.


Version: 2.0.151

  • General improvement in app stability.
  • General improvements to the Buderus boiler connection (easyHome Control); among other things, every heating circuit can now be evaluated once the heating period has been entered, and general improvements in the control of individual heating circuits have been made.
  • Optimized integration and configuration of the Samsung camera, e.g. regarding the display of photos on the homepage and for when more than one camera is used.
  • The synchronisation of configurations between different devices has been improved.
  • Graphical improvements related to the evaluations of the roller shutter controller and motion detector.
  • Improved scenario configuration for the inwall dimmer.
  • Improved search mode for the integration of new devices.
  • The registration process has been optimized.
  • Corrected display of the most recent activities on the homepage (related to the summertime/wintertime changeover).
  • When a device driver update is available, the device name is shown again in the notifications.
  • Improved display of read and unread notifications.
  • Push notifications are now displayed correctly on Android devices.
  • The error in which times were sometimes displayed incorrectly in evaluations has been fixed.
  • For the eBox Remote, among other things, charge limiting during charging is now possible, and the process of saving scenarios has been optimized.
  • Improvements to the products Power Control (solar), Energy Control and Storage Control: among other things, improved process of saving tariffs; graphical improvements to tariff specifications; improved evaluation when both Power Control and Power Control solar are installed.
  • Various improvements related to the use of Philips hue: the status of Philips hue Beyond can be used as a condition in scenarios; in scenarios with multiple Philips hue devices, the flash function can be selected.
  • Philips hue lamps that can be switched on and off only (i.e. not dimmable) can now also be used in scenarios (on/off).
  • The incorrect message “Connection interrupted” with Netatmo devices has been fixed.
  • The evaluation function for the Netatmo rain sensor has been optimised.
  • Philips hue Beyond lights can now also be used with Virtual Resident.
  • Optimised configuration of event start and end times in scenarios.
  • The consumption warning can now also be selected for recommended scenarios.
  • Push notifications, e-mails and text messages can now also be sent when the recipient has been entered in upper-case letters.


Version: 2.0.100

  • Fundamental improvements in the area of the home screen, especially regarding display synchronisation on different devices (web browser, Android and iOS): The same home screen is now displayed on every device.
  • Optimisation of the login process and connection when the app is opened after an extended period of inactivity.
  • Various errors related to the home screen, push notifications, settings, Virtual Resident, co-user management, storage control and floor heating control unit have been fixed.


  • Improvements in the “Outside” and “Energy” categories.
  • It is now also possible for more than one push notification to be sent in each scenario.
  • The user data for connecting to the online shop account can now also be deleted upon request.
  • Virtual Resident can now also be used in conjunction with Philips hue lamps.


Version: 2.0.89

  • The image from the Samsung camera is displayed directly on the home screen.
  • The device display in the “Lighting” category has been optimised.


Version: 2.0.88


  • It is now possible to change the initially selected heating circuits for the floor heating control unit once they have been integrated.
  • It is now possible to assign all heating circuits to a second floor heating control unit.
  • When the “Room temperature using time control” scenario is created, no additional and automatically generated time switching point at 00:00 is created with the base temperature as the target temperature.
  • The error that occurred when the room climate name was changed has been fixed.
  • No name was displayed under the room climate device settings. Adding a name no longer results in an error.

Philips hue

  • “ON/OFF” operation is now no longer displayed if the required Philips hue lights cannot be reached.


  • The temperature in the “Room temperature using time control” scenario can now also be set in 0.5°C increments.
  • The error that caused the app to crash when the user attempted to create the “Open window, reduce temperature” scenario via the device view has been fixed.
  • The target temperatures in the “Save energy when no one is at home” scenario are now set correctly. We advise users to delete existing scenarios and create them again.
  • The error that caused scenarios to be displayed on the home screen even though they had been explicitly deselected/subsequently edited during scenario creation has been fixed.


  • The SmartHome app no longer gets stuck showing a white screen when it is started.
  • The push notification settings are now reactivated when the app is restarted (especially in the event of connection failures).
  • The SmartHome app no longer crashes on Internet Explorer 11 when I want to edit scenarios.
  • Images (live images and gallery images) taken with the Samsung SmartCam can now also be displayed and scrolled through in landscape mode.
  • It is now possible to create a new user via “New here” on the Smartphone browser.
  • The correct time format is now displayed for the door and window contact.
  • New device types and icons for existing devices have been designed to make the different devices easier to distinguish.
  • It is now also possible to scroll within the main menu on small devices.
  • Performance on the home screen has been improved.
  • Various graphics errors have been fixed.


Version: 2.0.69

  • Corrections and improvements when users log on and reconnect to the central unit.
  • Corrections and improvements when users save scenarios (timeout).
  • The settings for push notifications are now always displayed correctly when users log off and back on again.
  • Various improvements to support Philips hue lamps and improved connection stability, including corrected error messages.
  • On Android, landscape mode is now supported correctly and depending on the display resolution. On iOS, the app now also starts in landscape mode and does not need to be rotated.
  • For users of Power Control, Power Control solar, Storage Control and Energy Control, the “Findings” (under “Evaluations”) are now reliably loaded; calculation errors have been fixed.
  • Improvements to notifications within the app, some of which existed twice and/or could not be deleted.
  • Regarding the energy evaluations (Power Control, Power Control solar, Energy Control and Storage Control), users can now also go back to a past date in the view.
  • The online shop link under “Services” (e.g. Mobile access) now also functions on iOS.


Version: 2.0.65

Problems fixed:

  • The process of logging into and re-opening the app has been improved.
    • Restoration of the connection between the app and the SmartHome system has been optimised.
    • Device states are now loaded more quickly and reliably.
    • The status information for the categories under 'Home' now shows when the device states are still loading, by means of text reading 'Loading…'.
  • The warning message, which is displayed if it is taking an unusually long time to save a scenario, has been revised. The message now correctly states that you can continue to use the app and that saving will continue in the background.
  • The warning message that appears when a scenario cannot be saved has been revised. The message now directly offers the option to discard or edit the scenario.
  • The weather data have now been deactivated. The weather data available were too inaccurate in practice and too often did not match the local weather. We are investigating how we can offer a reliable service in future.
  • Layout problems have been fixed which occurred when new SmartHome devices were added on end devices with small displays.
  • The settings for push notifications are now set to the following standard values after the user logs out and back in again: scenarios active, battery warnings active, connection problems inactive.
  • Devices and scenarios can be hidden and revealed in the 'Doors & Windows' and 'Statuses' categories.
  • The status information for the last activity in the 'Outdoor' and 'Security' categories now shows only movement activity and not changes in brightness.
  • Problems with the ENTR door lock have been fixed. Layout problems during entry of the key code were resulting in incorrect operation.


  • The 'A–Z' and 'Categories' tabs for scenarios have been interchanged.
  • The 'No category' sub-section has been moved from the bottom to the top so that it is easier to find.
  • The tick for selecting categories is now larger and therefore more noticeable.
  • Deactivated scenarios now have an additional marker (in the form of a 'zZz' on the right-hand side) on 'Home' and in the 'Scenarios' section to distinguish them from active scenarios.
  • Instead of brightness, the interior and exterior motion detectors now show the  timestamp of the last detected motion on 'Home' and in the 'Devices' section.
  • The 'Scenario could not be executed' system message now shows the scenario to which it refers.
  • The next sunrise/sunset can now be shown as status information in the 'Outdoor' category. Naturally, the appropriate (free) service must be installed for this to work.
Central unit (1st Generation)

Current version: 1.913-3.0.674.15

  • This update is being made available on a gradual basis as an option for all SmartHome central units.
    We have reduced the memory requirement of devices and scenarios, which, in turn, has improved the speed of the SmartHome central unit. This means that switch commands will now be executed more quickly and the status reports of the SmartHome devices will be displayed more quickly.
    In addition, the SmartHome central unit now communicates only via our new modern API 1.1 interface. This improves communication between the SmartHome central unit and SmartHome backend.

Version: 1.913-2.1.0,134

  • Optimisation when device activity data is written to the SmartHome backend.

Version: 1.913-2.1.0,130

  • Optimisation of communication between the SmartHome central unit and data centre.

Version: 1.913-2.1.0,102

  • A target temperature display of less than 6°C is no longer displayed
  • Reduction of identical push notifications triggered repeatedly and in quick succession
  • Optimisation of the add-ins
  • Various additional troubleshooting and optimisation measures

Version: 1.913-

  • Optimisation of the SmartCam connection
  • Various additional troubleshooting measures and improved stability
    • Optimisation of the Philips HUE connection. For example:
      Accelerated synchronisation of the status reports between Philips HUE lamps and the user interface.
  • Optimisation of the AL-KO Robolinho connection.
  • Improved Buderus connection (e.g. scenarios can be created with a target temperature as the trigger).
    • Note the following:  To continue using the connection, you now unfortunately have to delete all the Buderus scenarios that you have created after the SmartHome central unit firmware has been updated. You can create these again as necessary. We apologise for this inconvenience.
  • Optimisation of the ‘Window open, temperature down’ function.
  • Empty spaces at the end of the first and last name are no longer taken into account during registration and so no longer treated as an error.
  • SmartHome Austria customers can now reset their password.
  • Revision of various texts.

Version: 1.913-

  • Improved Buderus add-in.
  • Fixed errors in downloading and saving images from the Samsung camera.
  • After a scenario is saved, colour and saturation are no longer reset to their original values.
  • Smoke alarm notification corrected.
  • The tariff can now be stored in the generation meter.


Version: 1.913-

  • Optimization when displaying scenarios.
  • Customization of e-mail messages.
  • Optimization of the automatically generated scenario for flush-mounted light switches.
  • Customization of guest account permissions.


Version:  1.913-

  • Performance optimizations and bug fixes of the device drivers for Samsung, SMA, Buderus and ENTR
  • Improved wake-up and sleep functions
  • Improved scenario execution
  • Improved general performance and stability


Version:  1.913-

  • Improvements in central unit start-up (faster booting)
  • Optimisation of memory usage
  • Improvements in updating device activity data
  • Reduction of incorrect device data logging
  • Improvements in motion detector reliability
  • Troubleshooting when operating roller shutter controllers
  • Troubleshooting when operating PowerControl devices
  • Support with logfile upload for invited users
  • Troubleshooting when executing scenarios with several actions


Version: 1.913-2.0.824.747

  • Support for the new SmartHome indoor siren.


Version: 1.913-2.0.824.66

  • Improvements in the transition from the old Smarthome user software to the new SmartHome app.


Version: 1.913-2.0.824.64

  • Optimizing the control of devices with Lemonbeat protocol.


Version: 1.913-2.0.824.60

  • Integration of AL-KO robotic lawnmowers in the Robolinho® series providing they are equipped with an inTouch module.
  • Stabilisation measures between the central unit and the data centre when device reporting is activated.
  • Performance improvements


Version: 1.913-2.0.824.51

  • Preparations for changing the clocks


Version: 1.913-2.0.824.45

  • Improving communication between the central unit and the SmartHome data centre when processing messages.


Version: 1.913-2.0.824.12

  • Status query for smoke detectors (WSD 1.0 and WSD 2.0) – Smoke detectors are no longer displayed as “cannot be reached” when they can be reached.
  • Improved sending of notifications (push, text messages and e-mail) – No notifications are sent any more when no scenario has been implemented.
  • Various additional troubleshooting measures and performance improvements, e.g.:
    • Improved synchronization between the displayed “room climate” and the corresponding climate control devices (RST / WRT).
    • Optimized device search.


Version: 1.913-2.0.746.0

  • Troubleshooting related to the execution of time profiles. The problem of time profiles sometimes not being executed has been fixed.
  • Improved problem description in some messages in the “Notifications” area.
  • Improved posting of log files for optimizing error analysis in support.
  • Optimized log-on to make the log-on process faster.


Version: 1.913-2.0.624.10

  • The display error during the time change has been fixed.


Version: 1.913-2.0.624.0

  • When the user saves scenarios in which no radiator thermostats or room thermostats are used, radiator thermostats and room thermostats were in some cases reset from manual mode to auto mode.
  • When the user executes scenarios with more than one action, this sometimes causes the central unit to fail.

Device driver updates:

       EasyHomeControl (

       SMA Solar (


Note: The update has already been technically enabled. To prevent server overload, the central units will be informed of this on a staggered basis. As soon as your central unit detects that the update is available, you will receive a notification via your app.

Version: 1.913-2.0.601.0

  • Troubleshooting related to the integration of inwall devices.
  • Troubleshooting related to the removal of Buderus device drivers and display of version information for Buderus device drivers.
  • Troubleshooting related to the use of the wireless router.
  • The errors during integration of the Samsung camera have been fixed.
  • A notification is generated if the data centre is unavailable and, therefore, no e-mail can be sent.
  • Troubleshooting related to the synchronisation of non-master room thermostats. If a second thermostat is installed in a room, this adopts the current values for this room.
  • Improved notification display.
  • Improved handling of multiple switch commands.
  • Improved device update process.
  • For migration: troubleshooting related to text message/e-mail/room climate.


Additional device driver updates:


  • Control is now also possible when the device name contains umlauts.
  • Troubleshooting and improvements related to integration.


 Samsung Cam (

  • Improved device reporting.



  • Improved display in the “Evaluation” area.


Storage Control (

  • Notifications are now issued informing users when the backend cannot be reached or when no more storage capacity is available.
  • Troubleshooting related to the storage of tariffs.
  • Troubleshooting related to the removal of the device driver.
  • Troubleshooting related to integration.


Version: 1.913-2.0.581.0

  • The heating control system via the radiator thermostats has been further optimised.
  • The “Virtual Resident” scenario will now be executed as expected.

Separate updates on 22 December 2016: Device driver update for Philips hue (version

Version: 1.913-2.0.565.0

  • Room climate management has been thoroughly improved.
  • For example, the room thermostat functions have been optimised:
    • The room thermostat is responsible for temperature control within a room (master).
    • Its target temperature, air humidity and current temperature are displayed on the user interface under “Room climate”.
  • The “Open window, reduce temperatures” scenario has been optimised.
  • Time zones can be changed as required.
  • Additional improvements have been made in the “Notifications” menu item.

Version: 1.913-2.0.502.0

  • Troubleshooting for scenarios executed multiple times but triggered only once.
  • An error that may have prevented push notifications from being sent has been fixed.
  • Corrections related to updates and for when device drivers are started on the central unit (e.g. for external devices).
  • Corrections related to the integration of energy meters that have displayed “Wrong key”.


Separate updates:

On 19 October 2016

  • If a scenario contains multiple statuses as an action, not all of them are activated.
  • Delayed activation and automatic shutdown do not function reliably when statuses are switched.

Version: 1.913-2.0.436.11

  • An error in which usage of the mould protection scenario prevented device drivers (e.g. Philips hue, Samsung SmartCam) as well as the sunrise/sunset service from functioning has been fixed.
  • An error in which a “Central unit update” button is incorrectly displayed in “Settings” -> “Software information” although no update is available for the central unit has been fixed.


Version: 2.0436.3

  • An error has been fixed where it was not possible to create, edit or delete scenarios or to add, edit or delete devices
  • An error in executing scenarios with push notifications has been fixed.
  • Deactivated scenarios are now no longer executed.
  • Several errors have been fixed with the migration from the RWE SmartHome version to the Livisi SmartHome version.
Central unit (2nd generation)

Current version: 8.16-

  • Fixes and improvements on OS file system
  • Improvements for future OS update
  • Small logging improvement
  • Improvements on Samsung camera discovery (re-discovery after deletion)

Version: 8.16-

  • Optimisation of the new Samsung camera connection
  • Stabilisation of the connection with Philips HUE devices

Version: 8.16-

  • The room thermostat now no longer switches to automatic mode when the SmartHome central unit is restarted
  • Climate control devices such as the room thermostat, radiator thermostat and Netatmo devices are now no longer displayed as ‘not accessible’ when they are in fact accessible and in working order
  • Devices that have been reset to the factory settings can now be used in all scenarios once they have been integrated
  • The temperature values of the ‘Window open, temperature down’ scenario are now no longer overwritten by other time-controlled climate scenarios
  • If a problem is fixed directly on the AL-KO mower, the accompanying alert in the SmartHome central unit is deleted
  • Alerts issued by the AL-KO mower are now no longer displayed twice after the SmartHome central unit has been restarted

Version 8.16-

  • Optimisation of device connections
  • Corrections to text

Version 8.16-

  • A target temperature display of less than 6°C is no longer displayed
  • Reduction of identical push notifications triggered repeatedly and in quick succession
  • Optimisation of the add-ins
  • Various additional troubleshooting and optimisation measures

Version 8.16-

  • Optimisation
    • of the AL-KO Robolinho connection
    • of the integration of Medion Bluetooth devices
    • of the firmware update for the SmartHome central unit
  • of the notification function for devices that cannot be accessed
  • Improved device connections
  • The LEDs on the 2nd-generation central unit now flash correctly during a firmware update
  • The Medion RGB LED now displays the colour and saturation values correctly if they have been changed by a scenario
  • If a time zone has been set or changed manually, it is now correctly adopted by the radiator thermostats.

Version: 8.16-

  • Optimisation and troubleshooting relating to the Medion device connection, e.g.:
    • If an incorrect Medion device PIN was entered during the first attempt to integrate a Medion device, it was then no longer possible to integrate this device even if the correct Medion device PIN had been entered
  • Push and e-mail notifications
    • In the case of user-defined scenarios with a trigger at a time or time span, the notification that has been sent now once again contains information about the trigger
  • AL-KO Robolinho
    • It was sometimes the case that the correct starting time was not transferred to the AL-KO Robolinho mower
    • The switch-over to the new central unit (second generation) has been optimised
  • Optimisation of the SmartCam connection

Version: 8.16-

  • If a device has empty batteries, only a push notification is now generated
  • The charging of Medion drivers and inclusion of Medion devices have been revised
  • Medion RGB LEDs lamps retain their colour, saturation and dim level values after the central unit has been restarted
  • Optimisation of the Philips HUE connection (e.g. for switching the lights on and off)
  • Optimisation of the AL-KO Robolinho connection
  • Improved Buderus connection (e.g. scenarios can be created with a target temperature as the trigger)
  • Optimisation of the Netatmo connection

When you are using the Netatmo weather station and/or the Buderus connection, note the information provided below:

Information about the Buderus connection:

  • To continue using the connection, you have to perform the following steps after the SmartHome central unit firmware has been updated
  • Delete the user-defined and predefined Buderus scenarios
  • Delete the Buderus driver by clicking ‘Settings’ à ‘Device driver’ à ‘Easy Home Control’. Click the ‘Delete device driver’ button.Confirm this by clicking the ‘Delete’ button again
  • Restart the central unit by choosing ‘Help’ à ‘Troubleshooting’ and clicking ‘Restart’
  • After restarting the central unit, re-install the Buderus driver by clicking ‘Devices’ à ‘Add device (+)’ à ‘Select device’ à ‘Heating control systems’ and selecting ‘Easy Home Control (Buderus)’
  • Add the Buderus heating control unit to your configuration again by following the instructions in the application

Information about the Netatmo weather station:

  • To continue using the connection, you have to re-confirm the Netatmo login details in your SmartHome system. To do so, proceed as follows:
  • Select your Netatmo device on the homescreen. Then choose ‘Weather station’ in device info and then ‘Manage device driver’ in the weather station. Now enter your Netatmo login details. Finally, press ‘Save’

.Version: 8.16-

  • Push notifications and e-mails now include the scenario and room.
  • Information about undelivered messages is now displayed only once.
  • Improvement of central unit start procedure.
  • Optimisation of add-ins for EnergyControl, PowerControl and PowerControl Solar.
  • It is now possible to integrate the RGB-LED lights from Medion.
  • Improved the stability of the connection with Bluetooth devices.
  • Scenarios with weekdays as triggers are now run correctly.
  • Improved Buderus add-in.


Version: 8.16-

  • Improvement and stabilization of communication with the Bluetooth devices.
  • Visibility of the gallery under the camera settings is given again.


Version: 8.16-

  • Optimization of device integration.
  • Reduction of sporadically occurring restarts of the control panel.
  • Optimization of the Livisi device driver.
  • E-mail will now be sent again with a smoke warning.
  • When the memory of the Samsung camera is full, only one message is generated.
  • When adding another account, the center will not be restarted.
  • After updating the firmware and the app, the correct version is now displayed.
  • Extension of the notification for Bluetooth devices with low battery.
  • Revision of the consumption indicator of the Bluetooth adapter.
  • Optimization of the exclusion of Bluetooth devices.


Version: 8.16-

  • Improved device integration and stability of the Livisi devices
  • Corrections in the sunrise/sunset function
  • Email message customization
  • Improvement of the integration of AL-KO Robolinho


Version: 8.16-

  • market launch
Data center

Current version on 24 June 2019:

  • Livisi information page revised.
  • Software update function improved.
  • Drivers can now be deleted even if the terms and conditions have not been accepted.
  • Correction on the confirmation page after a user account has been created.


Version from 21.12.2017:

  • Improving performance and fixing errors.


Version from 09.11.2017:

  • General measures to stabilize the data center.


Version from 09.03.2017:

To improve your SmartHome experience, a number of data centre services have been optimized. For example:

  • E-mail templates have been updated;
  • Monthly evaluations of energy that has been fed in, purchased and used from the battery storage system have been optimized;
  • New features (e.g. acoustic notification) have been added to push notifications for iOS.


Version from 01.02.2017:

  • Troubleshooting for preparation of measured energy data.


Version from 14.12.2016

  • The Alexa voice control system from Amazon can now also be used without the premium service “Mobile access”.


Version from 29.09.2016


  • Improved synchronisation for when multiple end devices are used.