Why do I receive a notification that says I need "mobile access" although I only want to use the system at home?

Access to your SmartHome devices through your home Wi-Fi is free and does not require "mobile access". If you still receive the notification, this can have different causes:

Please ensure that at home, your PC/laptop/tablet/smartphone uses the same Wi-Fi as the SmartHome central unit. If you use SmartHome via a mobile network (E, 3G, LTE), then you also need "mobile access" for this.
If you locate your device using the same Wi-Fi as the SmartHome central unit and still continue to receive error messages, the cause could be an Internet router with what is known as hybrid Internet access. In this case, stationary DSL connections are combined with LTE wireless connections. With hybrid connections such as this, we also recommend "mobile access".
If neither of these apply, please contact technical support (smarthome.service@innogy.com)