Resetting to factory settings

1 Open the battery compartment by levering the switch cover off on the side using a flat object (e.g. fingernail, pan-head screw driver or the like).
You do not need to remove the battery.
2 Now press the button labelled TA1 in the battery compartment (below the "TOP" marking) and hold for at least 10 seconds. The LED will light up continuously during this period (if the LED does not light up, the battery is dead and must be replaced).
3 After around 10 seconds, the LED will flash five times. Release the button.
4 Replace the cover. Make sure that the rocker is positioned correctly (the LED should be congruent with the SmartHome symbol on the rocker).
5 Press any button.
6 If the LED lights up, the device has been reset and can be reintegrated into the SmartHome software using the search mode
7 If the device icon remains greyed out after the device has been integrated, please press another button to complete the process.