Resetting to factory settings

1. Remove the device from the wall bracket by carefully turning it to the side.
2. Use a narrow object to press the button and keep it pressed for 5 seconds.
3. After around 5 seconds, a short tone will be sounded and the LED will flash in red.
4. While the LED flashes, press the button again and keep it pressed for another 5 seconds.
5. After around 5 seconds, the LED will flash in red, yellow and green. Release the button.
6. The device has now been reset and can be integrated again via the SmartHome software using search mode.
7. To integrate the device in the SmartHome software, press the button briefly.
8. Re-integrate the device via search mode or use the previous settings.
9. Follow the instructions in the popup window and press the button briefly once again.
10. If the device icon remains greyed out after the device has been integrated, press the button again to complete the process.