Meaning of the symbols

The display also shows the desired target temperature aand the the status symbols as well. They indicate the current situation of the radiator thermostat.

Symbol Meaning
Shows that the batteries are worn out. Please change the batteries immediately.

Displays the quality of the radio reception. A continuous light signals good radio reception.

The symbol flashes if the radio transmission is weak.

Then check for interference (such as microwave, cordless phones) and building conditions at home.

Shows that frost protection has been activated.
Displays an open window. This appears if a window contact is open or if there is a dramatic fall in temperature (e.g. open window).

Shows which operating mode has been activated. (manual / automatic).  In the manual mode, timed scenarios such as e.g. Lowering the room temperature in the absence, ignored. The room temperature will instead be regulated to the value shown on the display.
The control pin is fully retracted to make installation easier.
The control pin has fully retracted and the radiator thermostat can be installed.
The control range is identified and self-adjustment for the complete range of functions takes place.

Error messages

The valve is too stiff or the valve drive is blocked. Check the valve.
Valve drive is not mounted or setting range is too large. Check the tightness of the screw connection.
Batteries are almost completely discharged. Valve control is not possible anymore. The valve position has been switched to emergency mode. Replace the batteries immediately.