Installation and registration of the Samsung SmartCam

Before integrating the Samsung SmartCam in the SmartHome system, install the Samsung SmartCam as set out in the enclosed instructions. Then go to, set up your user account and perform the initial set-up for the camera.

If you use an iPhone/iPad with iOS operating system for the initial set-up of the camera, do not use the W-LAN connection but connect the camera with an LAN cable to the Internet router. As soon as the connection has been set up, you can remove the LAN cable and operate the camera via WLAN.

Note down the camera password so that you can integrate the Samsung SmartCam in the SmartHome system.

Before integrating it in the SmartHome user software, test the functions and settings of the Samsung SmartCam. To do so, use the Samsung SmartCam app provided by Samsung. If problems occur at this point, please contact Samsung customer service or consult the FAQ section at