Installation and commissioning

Make a note of the serial number (12 digits beneath the barcode) in the battery compartment and the exact location of installation. You will need these later on for integrating the device into the SmartHome system.

When you have inserted the batteries for the first time, the remote control will try for three minutes to automatically integrate itself in the SmartHome system (LED flashes briefly every ten seconds). The central unit must be in search mode for this purpose. When the device has been successfully integrated, the LED lights up for an extended period of time. You can make a new attempt to integrate it at any time by pressing a button on the remote control. The LED flashes briefly for this purpose.

The function of the eight buttons or of the four separate pairs of buttons is specified in the software. By pressing a button, you can send the specified command to the device to be controlled.

The LED flashes once to confirm that the command has been successfully sent. If it flashes briefly three times, this means a fault has occurred. The possible causes are as follows:

  • Receiver cannot be reached
  • Receiver cannot execute the command (load failure, mechanical blocking etc.)
  • Receiver faulty or configuration lost