Installation and commissioning

  1. Disassemble the mechanical thermostat by turning it to the left as far as it will go. Unscrew the union nut until you can remove it from the thread.

  2. Insert the batteries (type AA) with the correct polarity. Wait until the pen is fully retracted. During this time A1 will appear in the display.

  3. When the pin is fully retracted A2 appears on the display.Now install the radiator thermostat. It fits all standard valves with an M30 x 1.5 mm connection thread. You will need adapters for some heater valves.
    Adapters for Danfoss valves in the RAV, RA and RAVL series are included.

  4. Briefly press the button on the radiator thermostat to start the self-adjustment process. A3 will appear on the display. This procedure can take up to three minutes. If the procedure is aborted, F2 will appear on the display. You can restart the procedure by pressing the button again.

  5. After a temperature is shown in the display, you can integrate the device into your SmartHome via the SmartHome app..