Battery change

Gehen Sie beim Batteriewechsel wie folgt vor:

  1. Open the battery compartment cover (E) and remove the old batteries.

  2. Insert two new batteries (type AA) in the battery compartment. Make sure that the polarity is correct.

      Re-adjust the radiator thermostat after replacing the batteries. That's how it works:

  3. After inserting the batteries, the actuator control pin retracts completely to facilitate installation. During this time, the display shows "A1".

  4. When the control pin is fully retracted, "A2" appears. The radiator thermostat can now be mounted on the heating valve.

  5. By pressing a button, or at the latest three minutes after inserting the batteries, the radiator thermostat starts the self-adjustment. For this purpose, the valve is opened and closed in order to find the end positions and to determine the entire control range. The display shows "A3". This process can take up to three minutes.

  6. If no end positions can be found, eg B. because the radiator thermostat is not mounted, the process is aborted. The display will show "F2". You can restart self-adjustment by pressing the control button.