Power Control

  • Analysis and visualisation of your energy consumption
  • Secure communication via an encrypted wireless protocol
  • Easy to install, set up and contro1, via the SmartHome appon your smartphone or tablet when you are out and about or on your PC or Mac. 
  • Extended storage, view and analysis options with premium analysis 2

 Power Control

  • Transmits data from digital meters to the SmartHome receiving unit
  • Easy to assemble thanks to magnetic properties

 Receiving unit

  • Receives meter data from SmartHome Power/Energy Control
  • Fast connection with the SmartHome central unit via USB interface


1 Configurable via the SmartHome app

2 Do you want to control your home even when you are out of the house? Test our 'Mobile Access' premium service for 24 months free of charge. Charged at €14.95 for 12 months after 24 months.

  • SmartHome central unit
  • SmartHome app
  • Power Control
  • Receiving unit
  • Antenna with magnetic base
  • Self-adhesive pad
  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • Mains plug with USB connection
  • Operating instructions
Technical data

Technical data

Radio frequency 868 MHz (W-Mbus Mode S1-m); konform zum OMS
Max. transmission power 13dBm
Receiver class SRD Class2
Rated voltage Max.: 5V, power supply with restricted power
Rated current Max.: 60mA
On average typically 1.5 mA
(read interval: 10 seconds)
On average typically 150μA
(read interval: 180 seconds)
Protection class IP20
(excluding stand)
32 x 40 mm (Ø x H)
(excluding cable)
Typical ambient temperature +0°C bis +55°C
Read-out protocol type SML