Resetting the device to factory settings

1. First delete Power Control from the SmartHome software by moving the cursor to the relevant device icon and clicking the Edit icon that is then displayed. Select the Management tab and then click Delete trigger. Power Control can now be reset.
2. Use a narrow object (e.g. ballpoint pen) to press the button on the reading unit beneath the SmartHome symbol and keep it pressed for at least 10 seconds. After 5 seconds, the mode LED and, after 10 seconds, the status LED will light up continuously (if the LED does not light up and battery power mode is used, the batteries are dead and must be replaced).
3. Release the button. The mode LED and status LED flash for the next three minutes.
4. The device has now been reset and can be integrated again via the SmartHome software using search mode

Make sure that you have the encryption code to hand.
5. If the device icon remains greyed out after the device has been integrated, press the button again to complete the process.