Installation and commissioning

To ensure that the meter data can be reliably read out and transmitted, proceed as follows:

1. Place the reading unit onto the infrared data interface of your electronic domestic supply meter (EDL21). The magnetic ring ensures that it stays firmly attached. If necessary, use the adhesive pad supplied.
2. Plug the antenna supplied into the antenna socket and then align the antenna vertically. To ensure the best-possible reception, make sure that the antenna is, if possible, outside the meter cabinet. The antenna should ideally be placed on top of the meter cabinet.
3. Use the micro USB charging cable to establish the power supply. To do so, connect the micro USB connection to the reading unit and mains plug and plug this into a 230 V socket. If there is no mains outlet in your fuse box, you can use a battery pack instead.
4. Plug the receiving unit into your central unit. The Power Control is now ready for operation and can be integrated in the SmartHome software.