Philips hue

The free Philips hue device driver allows you to integrate hue lighting into your SmartHome. The large colour spectrum and individual configuration with your SmartHome devices give you a diverse range of combination options. Set your home’s ambience exactly how you want it: Wake up to a gently brightening light simulating the effect of the rising sun, or configure warning colours if you want Philips hue to signal that you have forgotten to close a window before leaving the house, for example.

Supported devices:

  • hue bridge (current and precursor model)
  • hue GU 10 light
  • hue E27 light
  • hue LightStrips lighting
  • hue “Friends of hue” lighting
  • hue “Blooms” lighting

Before you can use your Philips hue lights in combination with your SmartHome system, you’ll need to do the following:


  • Install and operate the hue bridge
  • Install the Philips hue device driver via the SmartHome app
  • Configuration options: 24 colours, dimming levels, flashing and run-through of colour cycle (loop effect).
  • Can be controlled manually as well as integrated into SmartHome scenarios