Release notes

Current version: (15.03.2018)

The Philips hue bridge is automatically recognized again with the IP address.


Version (01.03.2018)

Due to changes on the part of Philips hue,   is now only possible to integrate via manual IP input.


Version (12.02.2018)

Solution to compatibility problems for Bridge V1 (round-shaped housing: V01041302) and Bridge V2 (square-shaped housing: V1801260942) that occurred after a Philips Bridge update.


Version (18.01.2018)

It is now possible to control Philips Hue lights that are in Philips entertainment mode.


Version (18.8.2017)

SmartHome now ignores groups from third-party suppliers that include lamps, which makes the lamps unavailable. The individual lamps remain connected to SmartHome and can be controlled again.

Important note for users who have Hue lamps that are currently unavailable in SmartHome because they are in groups created in third-party apps:

After updating to the latest version of Philips Hue, it still may not be possible to access the devices until the user logs off and logs back in again.


Version (22.12.2016)
•The "ON/OFF" operation is now no longer displayed when the required Philips HUE lights should not be reachable.
•Improved behaviour after update / re-start / replacement of the hue Bridge
•Different errors have been fixed in scenarios with Philips hue devices


Version (17.10.2016)
•The note that the hue Bridge is not reachable disappears from the notifications centre although the Bridge still cannot be reached
•Philips hue lamps are displayed as not reachable although they are reachable
•Philips hue lamps with a single switch on/off function (such as Philips Living Whites Adapter) can be incorporated but not switched on.
•If a Philips hue lamp is not reachable, an entry is incorrectly written to device reporting.
•The automatic switching off of the Philips hue within a scenario cannot be interrupted by a further switch command


•Support for UI 2.0


•Support for the new Philips hue interface
•A problem that necessitated the pressing of the Philips hue Bridge button after a re-start of the SmartHome central unit has been rectified


Version (01.06.2015)
•Optimisation with regard to notifications
•Triggering profiles has been improved
•The process for automatically searching for the Phillips hue Bridge has been improved
•Recording device activities has been optimised


•Troubleshooting: rectifies an error in the automatic search for the Phillips hue Bridge.


Version (09.04.2015)

Loading the add-in: improved error message if an error occurs during loading