Installation of the motion detector (exterior)

Prior to installation, make a note of the serial number (12 digits underneath the barcode) in the battery compartment and the exact location of installation. You will need this later on for integrating the device in the SmartHome system.

To reduce the risk of accidentally triggering the system, the motion detector (exterior) must not be exposed to direct sunlight, car headlamps etc., nor must it be installed close to any source of heat. Align the detection range against a wall or on the ground, but not directly on a window or source of heat.


1 To release the wall bracket from the base unit of the motion detector (exterior), simultaneously press in the direction of the arrows at both points on the release mechanism (see (F) in the illustration above).
2 Slide the wall bracket (see (C) in the illustration above) upwards and off the base unit of the motion detector (exterior).
3 Position the wall bracket at a suitable point on a wall.
4 Mark the corresponding holes for drilling through the screw holes on the wall bracket.
5 Drill each hole with a diameter of 5 mm and a depth of 35 mm. Insert the dowels (included in the package).
6 Position the wall bracket in front of the drilled holes. Secure the wall bracket with the screws.
7 Insert the batteries in the base unit. To insert the base unit, slide it from below onto the wall bracket until it latches into place.