Miele device driver


Household tasks made easy: The free Miele device driver allows you to integrate your Miele@home-enabled household appliances into your SmartHome.

Supported devices:

  • Miele@home-enabled dishwasher
  • Miele@home-enabled washing machine
  • Miele@home-enabled tumble dryer

Before you can use your Miele household appliances in combination with your SmartHome system, the following needs to be considered:


  • Operation of a Miele@home-enabled household appliance and installed Miele@home XGW2000 gateway with up-to-date operating software.
  • Installation of the Miele device driver via the SmartHome app
  • Switch household appliances on and off in activated remote-start mode
  • Display current operating status and remaining program time
  • Integrate into SmartHome scenarios