Installation and commissioning

1. Insert the battery
  • Using a flat object (e.g. screwdriver), lever off the cover at the recess.
  • Insert the battery (type 1/2 AA/ER14250) into the transmitter with the correct polarity.
  • Replace the cover.
2. Determine position
  • Align the magnet flush with the transmitter.
  • Important: The distance between the two elements must be less than 20 mm.
  • Tip: Mark the chosen positions with a pencil.
3. Adhesive attachment
  • Remove the protective sheet from the transmitter and magnet.
  • Then stick the elements in your chosen locations.
4. Integrate device
  • Start your SmartHome app or log in at
  • Using a sharp object (e.g. a straightened paper clip), press the PAIR contact for around 3 seconds until the LED flashes.
  • Now integrate the device via . Alternatively, you can search for and integrate the device via the device selection function.