DoorBird Door Station

With the DoorBird door station you will never miss a visitor - even if you are not at home. With the SmartHome Control Panel and your SmartHome app, you can connect DoorBird to any other smart device in your home.


Before you can use the DoorBird door station with your SmartHome system, these points are important:

  • After installation, first set up your DoorBird Door Station according to the operating instructions so that it already works with the DoorBird app. Only then can you connect DoorBird to your SmartHome control panel. Please keep the DoorBird access data handy
  • You need the SmartHome Central (2nd generation) and you need to install the device driver

You can use these features of DoorBird with your SmartHome app:

  • Detect motion
  • Detect bell event
  • Show snapshot (photo from camera)
  • In scenarios, you can use movement and ringing as triggers for actions and select a snapshot as an action