Mandatory information in accordance with the equipment safety standard (text excerpt from DIN VDE 0620-1).

Note that only the following cable cross-sections are approved for connecting the inwall light switch:

Rigid cable [mm²] Flexible cable without wire end sleeve [mm²]
1,00 – 1,50 1,00 – 1,50

Now proceed as follows:

1. Switch off the house circuit breaker in the circuit.

2. Remove all plastic parts (rocker, rocker adapter, frame).

3. Remove the switch (if present).

4. Make a note of the serial number located underneath the barcode. You will need this later on when integrating the device in your system.

5. Connect the switched external conductors of terminals 1 and 2 to the motor (D) as follows:

Terminal 1 – down

Terminal 2 – up

6. Connect the external conductor to terminal L.

7. Connect the neutral conductor to terminal N.

8. Attach the inwall roller shutter controller to the inwall box using the enclosed screws.

9. Hold the frame on the inwall roller shutter controller and attach the latter by pushing on the appropriate rocker adapter.

10. Switch the house circuit breaker in the circuit back on.

11. Integrate the inwall roller shutter controller in the system.

 If a roller shutter does not move up and down properly, remove the device from your SmartHome and re-integrate it. If necessary, bypass the calibration wizard and manually adjust the limit stop points.

12. Fit the rocker.