Installation and commissioning

When the system is delivered, the wall bracket is not mounted because it is very hard to remove the wall bracket from the device.
Install the device in the wall bracket only after assembly.

1. Place the batteries (LR14) in the battery compartment with the correct polarity. Do not close the battery compartment yet. The indoor siren then runs through an initialization process, during which the light briefly flashes red several times and an acoustic signal sounds. The device is then ready for operation.
2. Open the SmartHome App and integrate the device into your SmartHome system.
3. To mount the device on the wall, first find a suitable mounting location. Make sure that there are no in-wall cables at the location you choose.
4. Use a pencil to mark the position of the drilling holes on the wall.
5. Drill holes at the chosen points and insert the dowels.
6. Mount the wall bracket by screwing the screws provided into the dowels and then insert the device in the wall bracket.