ENTR Door Lock

Open and close the door of your flat or house while you’re on the go, monitor the status of your door lock and establish useful SmartHome scenarios. The free UNLOCK device driver allows you to integrate your UNLOCK door lock into your SmartHome system.

UNLOCK is not suitable for installation on doors with a central safety locking system.


Before you can use UNLOCK in combination with your SmartHome system, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Install and operate the UNLOCK door lock (in accordance with the UNLOCK installation and operating instructions)
  • Install the UNLOCK app via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Install the UNLOCK device driver in the SmartHome system
  • Make sure there is a USB port free on your SmartHome central unit
  • Integrate UNLOCK in your SmartHome profiles as a sensor
  • Open (including pulling back the latch) the door of your house or flat while you’re on the go
  • Automatically activate/deactivate SmartHome scenarios based on the status of the door lock (open/closed)
  • Open and close your door without a key
  • Secure, encrypted and wireless communication between system elements
  • Control door locking via smartphone



In order to establish stable communication between the SmartHome central unit and the electronic door lock, the SmartHome central unit must be positioned in direct proximity to the house/flat door as the range achieved by the Bluetooth Low Energy connection between UNLOCK and the SmartHome system may be limited. Recommended distance: usual Bluetooth range. It is unfortunately not possible to specify a binding range as the range will depend on the environmental parameters present at the property of the respective customer (type of ceiling, wall thickness and location of the SmartHome central unit).