Installation and commissioning

Requirement for integrating your ENTR door lock:

  • Installation of an ENTR locking solution.
  • Positioning of your central unit close to the ENTR door lock in order to establish stable communication between the central unit and the electronic door lock. Binding range specification is unfortunately not possible, as this depends on individual, local factors (such as wall type, wall thickness, location of the SmartHome central unit).
  • A free USB port on the SmartHome central unit for plugging in the BLE dongle (included in the ENTR scope of supply).
  • A smartphone/tablet with Apple iOS 7.0 or higher/at least Android 4.4
  • Before integrating your ENTR in the SmartHome system, install the door lock in accordance with the accompanying instructions and activate it.

Video tutorial for installation and commissioning


SmartHome integration

1. Installing the ENTR app
Download the ENTR app included with the ENTR locking solution from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to your smartphone/tablet, in accordance with the instructions.
2. Add users to the ENTR app
• Add an additional user to the ENTR app by clicking the lock symbol on the top right.
• Create a user name and generate a key code for this new ENTR user.
• Note the key code and/or send it to the new user (share).
• Activate the new user and enter your ENTR door lock owner/administrator password.
• The new ENTR user has now been added.
3. Integrate device
• Open SmartHome using the app or browser
• Click the "+" symbol on the top right and select "Add device"
• Go to "Select device" under "SAFETY" and select the ENTR door lock. SmartHome now searches for the ENTR door lock.
• Plug the ENTR Bluetooth USB stick into a free USB port on the central unit
• Create an individual device name for your ENTR