Installation and commissioning


To set up the eBox remote, you must first clarify whether there is an electrical output of 22 kVA at the transfer point.


  • 5-core connecting cable
  • Conductor cross section in accordance with DIN VDE 0100 Part 520: > 22 kW, NYM-J 5x4 mm² up to a max. cable length of 40 m recommended

Caution! Only to be installed by persons with relevant electrical qualifications and experience. (*1)
Improper installation will result in:

  • Risk to your own life
  • Risk to the life of persons using the electrical equipment

Severe material damage (e.g. due to fire) may result if the equipment is not installed correctly. You may be personally liable in the event of personal injury or material damage.
Please contact a qualified electrical engineer!

1 Definition of installation height
2 Marking of drilling jig
3 Mounting of eBox remote
> Drilling the holes
> Opening the impressed screw points in the charging box
> Inserting the dowels and screws
> Mounting the charging box
> Placing the gasket inserts on the screw points