Buderus Easy Home Control

Monitor and control your Buderus heating system without difficulty – including being able to adjust the outgoing temperature of the boiler to suit your requirements. The free Buderus device driver allows you to integrate your Buderus condensing boiler into your SmartHome.

Supported devices:

Buderus condensing boiler with integrated IP Interface, e.g. GB192i, GB182i, GB172 (+ IP-Gateway)



Is your Buderus condensing boiler an older model that does not feature an IP interface? No problem. Even older Buderus heating systems can be controlled via the Buderus app. The boiler must be equipped with the Logamatic EMS plus control system with the RC300/ RC310 system control unit. You can then use the Logamatic web KM100 or web KM200 gateway to retroactively make your boiler Internet compatible. For more information, please consult your Buderus heating engineer.


Before you can use your Buderus condensing boiler in combination with your SmartHome system, the following needs to be considered:


  • Installing and starting up a Buderus condensing boiler with integrated IP Interface or IP-gateway
  • Installing a SmartHome radiator thermostat
  • Installing the Buderus device driver within the SmartHome app
  • Note: The Buderus smartphone app "EasyControl" and the SmartHome connection can not be operated in parallel on a heating system for technical reasons
  • Easy control of the operating mode and quick access to Buderus condensing boiler data (outside temperature, condensing boiler output, hot water temperature and room temperature)
  • Four independently controllable heating circuits so that you can set different room setpoint temperatures
  • Automatic control with the aid of profiles and individual combination options with additional devices connected to the SmartHome system
  • Heat output storage and assessment option
  • In addition, if a Buderus solar thermal system is installed: Visualisation of important data (solar yield, collector temperature)
  • Integrate into SmartHome scenarios